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Subject List --- Insects / Invertebrates (English Names) Scientific Names
The main file includes the following species listed alphabetically by first name (including alternative names in common usage). For those marked (with a black dot) view thumbnails by either typing the name into the 'Search' box at top left or use your cursor to copy the name of the selected species and paste it into the box.

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MAIN GROUPS (Species listed below):

      Ants, Bees, Wasps
      Crickets, Grasshoppers
      Other Insects
      Snails and other Molluscs
      Other Invertebrates


ANTS, BEES, WASPS - most do not have common/English names - see Scientific Names
    • Bumblebee
    • Bee-killer Wasp
    • Bee-wolf
    • Carder Bee
    • Common Carder Bee
    • Common Wasp
      Cuckoo Bee
      Digger Wasp
    • Gall Wasp
      Giant Woodwasp
    • Honey Bee
    • Hornet
      Mining Bee
      Paper Wasp
      Velvet Ant
    • Wasp
    • Wood Ant
      Wood Wasp

BEETLES - many do not have common/English names - see Scientific Names
      7-spot Ladybird (Ladybug)
      10-spot Ladybird (Ladybug)
      14-spot Ladybird (Ladybug)
    • Bloody-nose Beetle
      Burying Beetle
    • Cardinal Beetle
    • Carpet Beetle
      Click Beetle
    • Devils Coach-horse
      Dor Beetle
      Flower Beetle
    • Great Diving Beetle
    • Green Tiger Beetle
      Hazel Beetle
    • Leaf Beetle
    • Lesser Stag Beetle
    • Longhorn Beetle
      Mint Beetle
    • Musk Beetle
    • Net-winged Beetle
      Oil Beetle
      Red Soldier Beetle
      Rose Chafer
    • Rove Beetle
      Sexton Beetle
      Skipjack Beetle
      Soldier Beetle
      Spotted Longhorn Beetle
    • Stag Beetle
      Thick-legged Flower Beetle
    • Varied Carpet Beetle
      Vine Weevil
      Violet Ground Beetle
    • Wasp-beetle
    • Whirligig Beetle

      Adonis Blue
    • Apollo
      Black-veined White
    • Brimstone
      Brown Argus
      Chalk-hill Blue
      Chequered Swallowtail
    • Clouded Yellow
    • Comma
    • Common Blue
      Common Eggfly
      Dark Green Fritillary
      Dingy Skipper
      Essex Skipper
    • Gatekeeper
      Great Eggfly
    • Green Hairstreak
      Green-veined White
      Grizzled Skipper
    • Gulf Fritillary
    • Hedge Brown
    • Heliconiid
      Holly Blue
    • Large Skipper
      Large White
      Lime Swallowtail
    • Little Blue
    • Mallow Skipper
    • Map Butterfly
    • Marbled White
      Marsh Fritillary
    • Meadow Brown
      Mountain Argus
      Orange Tip
      Orange-barred Sulphur
    • Painted Lady
    • Peacock
      Pearl-bordered Fritillary
      Rare Tiger Helicon
    • Red Admiral
    • Silver-studded Blue
      Silver-washed Fritillary
    • Small Blue
    • Small Copper
      Small Heath
      Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary
      Small Skipper
    • Small Tortoiseshell
      Small White
    • Speckled Wood
    • Tiger-striped Helicon
    • Wall Brown
      White Admiral
    • Zebra Butterfly

      Bog Bush-cricket
      Dark Bush-cricket
      Field Cricket
    • Field Grasshopper
    • Great Green Bush-cricket
      House Cricket
      Lesser Marsh Grasshopper
      Long-winged Conehead
      Meadow Grasshopper
      Speckled Bush-cricket
      Wood Cricket

    • Azure Damselfly
    • Banded Agrion
      Black Darter
      Black-tailed Skimmer
    • Broad-bodied Darter
      Common Blue Damselfly
    • Common Coenagrion Damselfly
      Common Darter
    • Common Hawker
      Common Ischnura Damselfly
    • Demoiselle Agrion
      Emerald Damselfly
    • Emperor Hawker
    • Four-spotted Darter
      Golden-ringed Hawker
      Green Lestes Damselfly
      Keeled Skimmer
    • Large Red Damselfly
      Scarce Emerald Damselfly
      Small Red Damselfly
      Southern Hawker
      White-legged Damselfly

FLIES - most do not have common/English names - see Scientific Names
    • Biting Midge
    • Drone-fly
    • Hornet Fly
    • Hornet-fly
    • Hornet Robber-fly
    • Horse-fly
    • Hover-fly
    • Midge
    • Non-biting Midge
    • Robber-fly
      Stilletto Fly
      Stilt-legged Fly

    • Angle Shades Moth
    • Atlas Moth
      Bagworm Moth
      Beautiful Golden Y Moth
      Bright-line Brown-eye Moth
      Brimstone Moth
      Broad-barred White Moth
      Broad-bordered Bee Hawk Moth
      Broom Moth
      Brown China-mark Moth
      Brown Silver-lines Moth
      Buff Ermine Moth
    • Buff-tip Moth
    • Burnet Moth
    • Burnished Brass Moth
    • Cabbage Moth
      Centre-barred Sallow Moth
      China-mark Moth
    • Cinnabar Moth
      Common Footman Moth
      Common Wainscot Moth
      Copper Underwing Moth
      Coxcomb Prominent Moth
      Cream-spot Tiger Moth
      Deaths Head Hawk Moth
      Dot Moth
      Drinker Moth
      Early Grey Moth
      Edwards Atlas Moth
    • Elephant Hawk Moth
      Emperor Moth
      Feathered Thorn Moth
      Five-spot Burnet Moth
      Fox Moth
      Garden Carpet Moth
      Garden Tiger Moth
      Geoffroys Tubic Moth
      Goat Moth
    • Gold Spot Moth
      Gold Tail Moth
      Grass Emerald Moth
      Hummingbird Hawk Moth
      Jersey Tiger Moth
    • Lackey Moth
      Large Yellow Underwing Moth
      Light Emerald Moth
    • Lime Hawk Moth
      Longhorn Moth
      Magpie Moth
      Marbled Green Moth
      Micro Moth
      Mother Shipton Moth
      Mottled Beauty Moth
    • Mullein Moth
      Northern Eggar Moth
      Oak Eggar Moth
      Old Lady Moth
      Oleander Hawk Moth
      Orchard Swallowtail Moth
    • Pale Tussock Moth
      Plume Moth
      Privet Hawk Moth
      Puss Moth
      Pyralid Moth
      Red Underwing Moth
    • Riband Wave Moth
      Rosy Rustic Moth
      Ruby Tiger Moth
      Scalloped Oak Moth
      Scarlet Tiger Moth
      Silver-ground Carpet Moth
      Silver Y Moth
    • Six-spot Burnet Moth
      Small Ermine Moth
      Small Magpie Moth
      Snout Moth
      Spinach Moth
      Swallow-tailed Moth
      Sycamore Moth
    • Vapourer Moth
    • Willow Beauty Moth
      Yellow Shell Moth

OTHER INSECTS - most do not have common/English names - see Scientific Names
    • Ant Lion
    • Aphid
      Capsid Bug
    • Common Earwig
    • Common Froghopper
    • Common Pondskater
    • Cuckoo-spit Insect
    • Earwig
      Forest Bug
    • Froghooper
    • Green Lacewing
      Juniper Shieldbug
    • Lacewing
    • Mayfly
    • Pond Springtail
    • Pondskater
    • Red-striped Shieldbug
    • Rose Aphid
    • Shieldbug
    • Springtail
      Stilletto Fly
      Thorn Bug (Thorn Insect)

MOLLUSCS / SNAILS - most do not have common/English names - see Scientific Names
    • Ammonite
    • Banded Snail
      Black Slug
    • Edible Snail
      Great Black Slug
    • Limpet
    • Mussel
    • Roman Snail

SPIDERS - most do not have common/English names - see Scientific Names
      Black Bird-eating Spider
    • Common Harvestman
    • Crab Spider
    • Garden Spider
      Goliath Spider
      Hammock-web Spider
    • Harvestman
    • Harvestman Spider
    • House Spider
    • Jumping Spider
      Lace-web Spider
      Mesh-web Spider
    • Orb-web Spider
    • Pale Crab Spider
      Pirate Spider
    • Raft Spider
      Spitting Spider
    • Swamp Spider
    • Wasp Spider
      Wolf Spider
    • Yellow-banded Spider
      Zebra Spider

OTHER INVERTEBRATES - most do not have common/English names - see Scientific Names
    • Acorn Barnacle
    • Barnacle
    • Common Barnacle
      Goose Barnacle
    • Jellyfish
    • Lions Mane Jellyfish

This page last revised: Jan 2010