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Some useful and/or interesting sites visited

Nature Picture Library
(formerly BBC Natural History Unit Picture Library)
UK-based agent for some of Geoff Doré's nature and landscape photography
UK-based agent for some of Geoff Doré's nature photography (mainly birds) and environment images.
Butterfly Pictures Landscape Photolibrary
Chris Waller's photolibrary contains some excellent landscape photographs presented in a well-designed site.
Desert Dolphin
"Desert Dolphin is a small band of renegade photographers who march to a different drummer. Or, maybe that's a tuba player. They have a cheerful disrespect for the status quo. At their website you will find a profusion of original ideas."

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BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition
Website for the biggest, most prestigious international Competition of its kind, showing all the winning images and giving information about touring exhibitions, merchandise, etc.
Daybreak 2000
Geoff took part in this project (see his web pages) along with some 120 of the top nature
photographers around the world who all took pictures on the first morning of the year 2000.
This site gives more information and shows some of the other photographers' images.
Nature Photography Association
New (2002) UK-based association for all interested in nature and nature photography

WebPhoto is an excellent, professionally-designed site, with mini-portfolios of the work
of many photographers from around the world, and links to their own sites
Top Nature & Landscape Photography Pages
Links to some of the best Nature and Landscape photography pages
Nature Photography and Optics Forum
Discussion forum for nature photography and all its aspects. Easy to join in and a good source
for advice about equipment and techniques (particularly for 'newbies' to nature photography)
Nature Photo Index
Excellent site for nature photography links and info

Landscape Photo Links
Excellent site for landscape photography links

Visit the Nature Photographers web site

Photographer's Index Logo

Four Stones Expressions logo
"Beautiful Astronomical, Landscape, and Nature Photography from
around the world by some of the web's finest artists".
Some lovely work on display.

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Nikon UK
Nikon's UK website with lots of gear info
Complete Page of Nikon Photographic Links
Excellent source of all kinds of links relating to Nikon equipment
Fuji Film
The big green giant's web site gives comprehensive info about their products
Ilfochrome Classic
Some useful information about Ilfochrome (=Cibachrome) prints
Wildlife Watching Supplies
Camouflaged hides, camouflaged clothing, camouflaged tape, even camouflaged tripod trousers!
Yes, you can get these and a whole lot more from Kevin at Wildlife Watching Supplies.
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Andy Harmer Nature Photography
Andy has some superb shots of birds in flight using high speed flash
Wildlife Research Photography
'Moose' Peterson's web site is quite entertaining with lots of good advice and useful information
about Nikon gear (especially Moose's!)
Howard Bruensteiner, Photographer
Howard's site shows some really lovely examples of his work,
which includes landscape, nature, portraiture, still life, and more.
(He also very kindly permitted the copying of his greyscale tone graphic).
Art Wolfe Nature Photography
Some of the best nature and wildlife photo images to be seen, by one of the USA's leading
nature photographers, presented in a superb professionally-designed web site with some neat
ideas - particularly the slide show with his own voice-over commentary.
Thomas D. Mangelsen's Images of Nature Online
Another one of the USA's top nature photographers, Tom's site has many of his most well-known
images on it, again professionally designed and presented
Steve and Carol Shelden's Portfolio pages
An excellent site designed by two professional photographers who are also professional web designers - many images of wildlife, landscapes and travel which download relatively quickly. As Sheldon Graphics, Steve and Carol are also responsible for the Webphoto site (preceding link above)
Click Photography by Philip A Sprague
Philip's site has many excellent images of landscapes, nature and travel, and he has an eye for the less 'usual' travel photo. Many of the images were taken on his recent 'year off' from work which he spent travelling the world.
Rob Gray Photography Pages
Rob shows some of his best landscape photography - his black-and-white shots (taken on large-format equipment) are superb. The site is well-laid out and comprehensive, with many links to other photography-related pages and he also has much useful info and links relating to campers and motorhomes (an invaluable tool for the location photographer!) - his diary (with photos) detailing the conversion of a bright orange fire truck to a bright purple motorhome (I kid you not!) is a hoot!
Glen Gaffney
Glen's site has many excellent examples of his photography and paintings.
Ramblin' Cameras - Walt and Mimi Miller
Walt and Mimi's web site shows some of their superb underwater photographs from their many travels, as well as accompanying scenic photos.
Rocky Mountain Reflections Photography
Excellent well-designed site showcasing the superb photographs of James Egbert and others and detailing their photography workshops in the States.
Wildphoto - Geoff Simpson
Geoff showcases some of his nature and wildlife photography in a site with some nice design features.
Reflective Images - Gary Tonhouse
Gary's well-designed and extensive award-winning web site shows mainly his nature and landscape photography accompanied by a lot of information.
Barb Collins ~ Wildlife and Nature Photography
Homepage of Barb Collins, featuring an online gallery, photos, tips, online postcards, and articles.
Ian Coulling
Featuring Ian's colour and monchrome landscape photography in a Flash-based site.
David Nicholls
Featuring wildlife photographs from abroad as well as from David's home county of Dorset.
John Shephard
Wild landscape photographs from around the world, including panoramics.
Geoff Murray
Wild landscape photographs from Tasmania-based photographer.
Nuno Santos
Portfolio of nature, landscape and wildlife images from US National Parks and other scenic places.
Alex Donnelly
Landscape photography from around the World, including Venice, Tuscany, Provence, Nepal and India.
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Otter Net
Loads of info about all kinds of otters!
International Otter Survival Fund
The Isle of Skye based organisation helping otters worldwide
English Nature Homepage
The UK/English government nature conservation organisation
Scottish Natural Heritage
The UK/Scottish government nature conservation organisation
Nature Forums
Discussion forums for everything to do with nature worldwide
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Claire Kitcher New Forest Artist
Claire has some lovely watercolour paintings of the New Forest, both scenics and animals
New Forest Art Directory
The place to find anything art-related in the New Forest
Agora Gallery
"Agora Gallery is a contemporary art gallery - located in Soho, New York City, in the hub of gallery buildings and museums. Provides art-consulting services to private and corporate collectors. Artist portfolios are accepted for review."
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Link Exchange
They provided the visits Counter and do other things too
Datamark UK
Datamark provide watermarking and encryption for images on the web
New Forest Internet Services
David Kelly at NF Internet Services can design your web site for you and although he didn't design Geoff's he did give some very helpful advice in the early stages - thanks David
Laura's Place - Web backgrounds, midis
Nice site and useful source of web page backgrounds and music
(you might recognise one or two of the tunes!) - thanks Laura
Web backgrounds in soft pastel colours
Another useful site for web page backgrounds and other graphics,
though they can take a little while to come up on screen
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