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Monitor check and notes on web site images.

The web site images have been made as close as possible to the original transparencies in terms of colour, tonality and contrast, with the minimum of digital modification or enhancement (usually just brightness and/or contrast adjustment). Note that the larger preview images are of low resolution for speed of page loading.

All images have been optimised on a colour-managed PC-based system with a monitor gamma of 2.2 at 6500K colour temperature, displaying true colour (32-bit), and for display in Internet Explorer browser.

Nevertheless, the apparent colour and quality of the images is naturally dependent on the equipment on which they are viewed: in particular, the monitor type (CRT, LCD), quality and settings, and the graphics capability of the computer.

If your monitor/graphics card can only support High Colour (16 Bit) or 256 colour, then images will probably show 'colour stains' instead of smooth tone gradation. The web images may also look too light or two dark on monitor gamma other than 2.2, or have 'cooler' (bluer) tone on monitor setting of 9500K (often the default monitor setting).

You may like to adjust your monitor for contrast and brightness using the computer-generated greyscale images below.

The greyscale below viewed on your own monitor should show all blocks distinct from one another (note that the darkest blocks may only be fully distinct in zero ambient light):

If the top scale above has many light blocks quite white like this:

then your monitor settings are too light

If the top scale above has many dark blocks quite black like this:

then your monitor settings are too dark

Ideally, your monitor should enable you to see the difference between A, B and C,
and between X, Y and Z (under zero ambient light) or at least V, W and X.

This page last revised: July 2003