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Stock Photolibrary

The stock photolibrary currently consists of around 120,000 original colour transparencies (mainly 35mm Kodachromes and Fujichromes, and 6x6cm Ektachromes, Kodachromes and Fujichromes) and increasing numbers of digitally-captured images.

Pictures are offered for licensed reproduction in specified publication(s) in specified territory/ies and for a specified time period. All reproduction fees are negotiable depending on the picture and intended end-use. See Licensing for more information.

Nature coverage includes:
  • Mammals (mainly British/European and others from captivity)
  • Birds (mainly British/European and others from captivity)
  • Reptiles and amphibians (British/European and many others)
  • Insects and other invertebrates (mainly British/European)
  • Plants - flowers, trees, ferns, fungi (mainly British/European)
Picture coverage includes portraits, close-ups and abstracts, to behaviour, action and pictorial compositions.

Landscape coverage is mainly Europe (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Spain), and includes moody compositions, pictorial compositions, wild landscapes, 'man-made' landscapes (cities, castles, etc), landscape details, travel subjects.

Other (general) subjects include:
  • Agriculture - landscapes, crops, livestock
  • Architecture - extensive UK church interiors and exteriors
  • Domestic animals and pets
  • Garden flowers - portraits, close-ups, pictorials
  • Sports - mountaineering and outdoor pursuits, some motor sports, Scottish Highland Games, various others
  • Transport, Industry and Technology
  • Travel-related subjects (places of interest, people, customs, etc)
To view a list of named subjects (for both nature and places/general) within the collection, please click on the 'Subject Indexes' link at left and click on the page link(s) until the required list of subjects appears. Many of these will already have images viewable online, but for those where none are available to view on-line as yet then please contact us direct. New on-line images are being added continuously.

Images can be supplied digitally as low resolution files for layouts or medium-high resolution for end-use. Transparencies are scanned at up to 4000 ppi, digital files at native resolution from at least six megapixel capture (or larger via interpolation). Registered users are able to download image files (where available) on ordering/payment, or image files can be sent on CD or down-the-line (by e-mail or upload to web site) and, of course, transparencies can be supplied if required, either as high-quality duplicates or originals (liability terms apply).

No charge is made for the supply and delivery of digital image files of images that are already on-line and viewable on this web site. For a deep-file search of the analogue (transparency) files charges may apply: these may include postal delivery costs; scanning charges for digital fulfilment; a search fee if no images are used from a submission of images in response to a direct picture request.

Full Terms and Conditions of Submission and Use of Pictures can be found here

This page last revised: Mar 2003